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Lavender Oil for Burns

Thursday, August 11, 2011

I just wanted to share a story of how I treated a burn of mine this morning. I had been cooking in a skillet on the store and I had placed the glass lid on top of one of the other burners when I was done cooking. Later I came back and grabbed the lid to put in the dishwasher not knowing the burner was on underneath it. Needless to say, every one of my fingers were burned and I was in terrible pain. I ran to my medicine cabinet and grabbed the Lavender Oil and poured it over my hand and fingers praying that this was going to stop the burning pain. Within 15 minutes my fingers were completely pain free, with no blisters. What a relief to know it worked so quickly. I suggest that no one be without a bottle of Lavender Oil in their medicine cabinets now.


The Lessig's said...

Could I use your story here on your burn on my Lavender Oil note I was writing on my facebook page? Sincerely,
Nature's Own First Aid

Anonymous said...

I have an exhaust burn from a motorcycle on my calf what would be a good solution for healing this type of burn.

Can anyone help me?

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